Naval and Kapil Gupta: Conquering the Mind Podcast Notes

If you’r not asking genuine personal question, you’r showing off.

Prescriptions: procedure to do X:

Useful for driving mechanical behavior(Turning on computer) Can’t be applied for Art(Building a company) Spiritual pursuits(Finding peace) Prescription becomes God, mind focuses to satisfy prescriptions which is intermediate. Ex: By copying person X’s life decisions, you will never be X. Business biographies are useless for building businesses, they are good for inspiration.

To become amazing, find your own unique way.

When you are novice, following others prescriptions will help you to get started. To distinguish among others you need invent your own prescriptions.

Following prescriptions is engraved in our culture and human brain. It takes several years to realize that, prescriptions are the obstructs in reaching our goals.

Seeking Truth gets you to the highest performance in all things.

If you ask How To’s for doing X, that means you are not serious about it. If you are serious, you would figure it out. To discover path on your own – Jump in, live in confusion and become obsessed and follow messy process.

The things you do greatest, you aren’t aware of how you do it and you aren’t even consciously present. Your best version comes, when you forget yourself. Ex: Kid’s are adorable because they often forget themselves. Naval speaks best, when he is not thinking what he is going to say.

Truth: Why is it difficult to speak truth in public forum ?

Because we want society to understand us. Society is set of collective lies that we all believe in to get along.


Freedom is freedom from the mind. The only reason human beings are not free is because of the mind. It creates all the rules, anxiety and conflicts. Any freedom which leads to desire of more freedom is not freedom. Everyone wants to find relief from their problems. The idea of, getting rid of the anxiety is the problem, not the anxiety. Learning the source of anxiety is the first step towards the solution. Problem:

The solution to a problem is never the solution, it’s always the problem. Nature has hidden the problem inside the solution. It wanted human beings to look inside the problem. The definition of the problem is the key. Problem: Understand the problem. Situation: How do I end anxiety ? Problem: The anxiety will never end if you look for the solution. Solution: Trace from where the problem came from, what situation caused it, what part of the body in which it arises, face it, & don’t run off.

All conflict is self conflict.

Circumstances do not cause pain, it reveals it.


Everything you do in your life is defined by destination. If there’s no destination, no one would arrive at the journey. Most people’s destination is the prescription. Truth:

Every human has problems, those are his living reality. One should not follow the prescription to solve the problems, instead he should examine the problems to find the truth. A human being becomes his own environment. You become that, what you are constantly exposed to.

Any suppression is regression.

Greatest weapon is understanding, and the awareness of where the thought is leading, Not watching it.

Pursuit of all things in human life is motivated by pleasure.

No Technique of a mind will free you from mind.

Freedom is freedom from the mind.