What I’m doing now

Got this /now page idea by Derek Sivers.


Started Naval’s 60 min / 60 day meditation challenge. Slowly becoming more peaceful, present and clear.

Took web design course and started this website, started to reflect, write, and tweet. This has opened my eyes to see new ideas, connect with people and learn from them.

This year has bought whole world onto the knee due to corona virus. Working from home gave more chance to read and explore.

Books – Evolution of everything
BlogsSeth Godin, Connectum, Derek Severs, David Perell, Dollars and Data, Safal Niveshak
Podcats – Naval & Kapil Gutpa podcast.
Travel – Lake Tahoe.


This year has bought big milestones in my life, I got married and landed on full time job offer from my favorite company. Thankful for the wonderful gifts of life 🙂

Books – Sapiens – Loved the book.
BlogsFarnam Street, Collaborative fund
Travel – Manali (India), Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, San Diego.

Updated: June 25th, 2020, from California, USA.