What is Spirituality?

Definition of spirituality was engraved in our minds, by our society even before we questioned it. Most of our Beliefs revolve around god, worshipping in a religion, following saints or devoting ourselves to follow society’s shared beliefs. In Total Freedom, J Krishnamurti explained it beautifully. Those who really desire to understand, who are looking to find that which is eternal, without beginning and without an end, will walk together with a greater intensity, will be a danger to everything that is unessential, to unrealities, to shadows.

Do you test yourself or distract yourself?

When you set goals or start a new hobby, such as jogging in the morning, starting writing, or daily meditation. Does your mind pop up with these thoughts – “It’s cold outside, not in a mood, feeling tried, check emails, check messages, let’s watch X series on Netflix” Do you obey to your brain or discard it and push yourself? In an uncomfortable situation our brain generates distracting thoughts and tries to move to a comfortable zone, once you surrender, it will succeed.

Naval and Kapil Gupta: Conquering the Mind Podcast Notes

If you’r not asking genuine personal question, you’r showing off. Prescriptions: procedure to do X: Useful for driving mechanical behavior(Turning on computer) Can’t be applied for Art(Building a company) Spiritual pursuits(Finding peace) Prescription becomes God, mind focuses to satisfy prescriptions which is intermediate. Ex: By copying person X’s life decisions, you will never be X. Business biographies are useless for building businesses, they are good for inspiration. To become amazing, find your own unique way.

What Advice?

Have you ever felt like offering advice to your younger self? Was that going to change your life? We often seek advice from our inspirations, celebrities and leaders. But we never ask ourselves, whether we are ready to take the advice? It helps us to be on the right path, but true success or utilization of the advice comes from our readiness. The Right question – is the younger self ready to take the advice?


Got this /now page idea from Derek Sivers. 2020: Learning to build statis website on Hugo. Started Naval’s 60 min / 60 day meditation challenge. Slowly becoming more peaceful, present and clear. Took web design course and started this website, started to reflect, write, and tweet. This has opened my eyes to see new ideas, connect with people and learn from them. This year has bought whole world onto the knee due to corona virus.